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Monday, May 21, 2007

Beating of homosexual male in Jamaica

I got the email from O'Shell last week, I think. She wanted to know what our take on the whole beating was. That she was hurt when she saw it. I wasn't goin to say anything, then someone responded to it. Here it is...
(Some of you may have received this in your inbox.)


We live by the Bible as christians and whilst it is contradictory on some points the one thing it is very clear on is that a battyboy should die. Now if we are to live by the laws of the bible I dont think we can live bu some and not by others. Being selective should not be an option.

If we all dont put a stop to this future will be very dim. They (Gays) will pollute our society and Saddom and Gomarrow(Sp) will be all over again. Some one has to take a stand. What about morales dont anyone have any again these days. What about standing up for what you believe in. Like the Chrisitans of the olden days that were fed to lions and still believed in what they were doing. Soon everyone who cant get a date will consider themselves gay.

I will not accept no gay person and they deserve what they get coming to them, particularly when they choose to flaunt it in front of decent people.

Just my 2 cents, and something everyone should think about.

Now my piece:

Just to clarify. Are you for the beating of the homosexuals? Should they be killed?

You are taking parts from the bible but you forget one important part. A lot of Christians today are in the practice of taking parts of the bible that suit them, and forgetting about the rest. What about the part that says, "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13) ???

Yes homosexuality is wrong! Yes we should talk against it! But kill a man?! That's a problem in my eyes!Who are we to condemn a man to death for a sin? Who are we to punish a man for a mistake. As far as I am concerned, we are all sinners who fall short of the glory of God, yet Jesus took our place when he died on the cross. Christ died for all our sins, yours, mine and the homosexuals. How then, can you think it's acceptable to punish a homosexual?

You speak of Soddom and Gommorah, that place in history known for homosexuality and all immoral behaviour. Sin is sin! If you condemn homosexuality, you need to condemn all acts that go against the will and commandments of God.
Would you condemn the aldulterers and fornicators to death? Why not kill children who disobey their parents? Thieves? Persons who lust? Do you condemn only homosexuals or do you condemn every sinner?

When we commit a sin, has all hope of God forgiving us, if we repent, been dashed?

When I saw the pictures of the man getting beaten, I cried. I felt pain for him. I saw a man being beaten, I felt they would have killed him if they got the chance to. Would they have been seen as good, for cleansing our country?

Yes, he may have been flaunting his sin, being proud of his lifestyle. But how many sins do you see in today's society being put on display, PROUDLY??

I'd like to know where in the Bible says a homosexual should be killed. I'm not contradicting you. I'm just don't know of it, and would like to know.

Morality is on the decline. It is a fact, not just here at home, but worldwide. We have to guard ourselves and our loved ones from it as much as possible. Speaking out against it will sometimes put us in trouble, but if we feel impressed to speak, speak. I personally don't think Jamaica can get better. We could change the government, ruling party, and some things would change. But the majority of problems we have now, would continue to get worse.

God soon come. Watch and be hopeful. Spread his word and try to enlighten as many as you can. That is our mission. And prepare your own heart for his return.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kingston Restaurant Week

Hello there BloggerLand... been a while.

Well I decided to be a little adventurous this year, and went to a Japanese restaurant... East Japanese Restaurant. The ambience was good and it was a nice little getaway from the everyday.
However I backed out and away from the sushi... considered having it before I got there, but changed my mind after. The meal started out with the Seaweed salad - two forks in then put aside. The Miso and tofu soup was tolerable- a nice escape from the salad.

I had the Terriyaki Chicken, which was good ... different, but good. My date, however, opted to go with the sushi - minus the shell fish ones... allergic. His only comment on that was, "I guess it's an acquired taste dear."
The desserts were good tho, the tempura ice cream and the green tea ice cream.

The food may not have been that great but I enjoyed myself. Especially my company... :)
These days I'm realizing more and more that since I don't go out that often, I don't own much "dress-up" clothes. Kinda sad, because it only reminds me that I'm broke... still need a job!
I got a call this week again, but is full time work. However, I saw a friend who may be calling me to sing for some advertisements... kind of exciting. Always wanted to do it, and the money that comes along with isn't bad at all!! ;)

Friday, September 29, 2006


I should probably have written this a while back.. but hey.

I'm JOBLESS!! I'm broke! No more JMMB!
We looking for work tho... haven't been putting alot of energy into that, but I need a job... badly.

So... about the parent ppl... been working with it and it not that bad, generally speaking. I juss need a job, cuz i not gettin any substantial amount of money from the parent ppl...

Monday, September 25, 2006


Back in the groove... it's been a while! *sigh*

So, this blog is about being sprung. No... I'm not sprung! But I felt impressed enough to write on this topic.
So? What about being sprung? Is it wrong? Is it right?

Well in the eyes of the enlightened one, it can be bad and good, even tho it will be all good to the sprung one... initially.
Bad to whom? To the friends of the sprung one. Those persons that were involved/ included in the sprung one's life before the wifey(hubby) becomes the... wifey(hubby). But, the sprung one is all caught up and blinded by the new found treasure that he(she) neglects the friends that were once near and dear to them before said person began to play this role. *I confusing myself :S*

Ok! So why do you say it's all good for the sprung one INITIALLY, Jubi?? I've seen it happen time after time. The sprung one neglects their friends and maintains focus on new treasure. But in some instances, this relationship doesn't work out, and the once sprung one finds himself(herself) lost. That is, he(she) has become so used to be surrounding himself(herself) with the treasure, that when he(she) loses said treasure, he(she) will have no one to turn to immediately, as his friends who were so near and dear to him(her) before, have found other ways to occupy their time.
The sprung one may also encounter a problem when the treasure is otherwise occupied and he(she) needs to find something to do while treasure is away. Note: This will have the same problem as the previous example.

Advise to all my "sprung ones" (This applies to married couples as well):
1) Don't neglect your friends totally. Make time for them, even if it's just a phone call every once in a while to see how they're doing. They'll appreciate it, and if the friendship fails, you can argue that it wasn't your fault (completely).
And don't call them asking, "How comes you don't call me?" If you had been answering their calls in the initial stage of your new relationship with the treasure, they'd still be calling now.
2) Spend some time away from your treasure. Allow yourself to miss the treasure, so when you do see her(him) again, it will be that much more special.
3) Have a life outside of that with your treasure, to avoid what was highlighted in the example above.

God forbid that the relationship that you invested so much time in fails. But in the event that it does, listen to my advice, and you will not be lost.

Yes, I'm firing bullets!! Let me know when they connect! :D

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ratings for Lauryn Hill

I dunno if it's my semi depressed state, but i find quite a few songs on her MTV Unplugged Album bring me close to tears when I listen to them. Maybe I should just stop listening to them... but no. They are so true and in this album she revealed all her weaknesses and shows that she is a bit off... mad... gone... but I love it, and I love her music. Truly one of the greats in my book.

If you get a chance you can listen to these songs... my selections
Mr. Intentional
Adam Lives In Theory
I Find It Hard To Say (Rebel) *
Just Want You Around **
Gotta Find Peace Of Mind
Mystery Of Iniquity ***
I Get Out

* Many of us know why this song appeals to me this much... 'nuff said.
** Yow... this applies wickedly right now
*** She ah lick out 'gainst Bush :D

Bobby Pinson - Don't Ask Me How I Know Lyrics

I heard this song while I was on my way to work this morning... I found certain parts of it interesting. Thought I'd share... :D

Don’t ride your bike off a ramp that’s more than three bricks high
Don’t take that candy from the store if you ain’t got the dime
Don’t pick a fight with a little guy that doesn’t talk that much
Don’t pick up a cherrybomb thinkin’ it’s a dud
And don’t sneak out of a 2 story house usin’ bed sheets as a ropeDon’t ask me how I know

Sell your truck while it’s still runnin’, save the Jesus off the dash
Say a prayer when you feel like cussin’, save your money pay with cash
Forget your pride, buy the roses, if you’re sorry tell her so
Don’t drink the water in MexicoDon’t ask me how I know

Don’t quit your high school football team halfway through the season
Don’t bust your buddy in the nose when you know he didn’t mean it
Don’t lose a girl you love at home for a night in Panama City
Don’t rush off the phone when your Mama calls you ain’t that busy
Ya oughta make that drive to say goodbye to your grampa ‘fore he goes
Don’t ask me how I know

Forget your pride buy the roses, if you love her tell her so,
Don’t go to Vegas with your heart broke,
Don’t bum your cousin for that first smoke
I'm tellin' ya, don't drink the water in Mexico
Don't ask me how I know
Don't ask me how I knowI just know
sell your truck while it's still runnin', say a prayer when you feel like cussin'
I know

Monday, August 28, 2006

Still at JMMB

JMMB does'nt want to let me go!!!!!! No complaining here... more money :D

The current plan is to be here for another 2 weeks. But Leo (boss) may push to have it extended. So I may be here part time. FUN FUN... MONEY MONEY!!

School and work... will it work out?? *-)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

NDTC Annual Season of Dance 2006

Well, I went to the show last week, and I for got to blog about it.

It was a good show. Some real creativity was demonstrated in the choreography. I really liked two of the dances, Variations of Ska and Barre supm supm... will edit later.
I was kinda disappointed about the dance choreographed by Rexxi... Katrina. I guess, just from the name, I had higher expectations. I expected to picture/experience what the people experienced. Feel/sense the pain and the suffering, but there was little that held me. Slightly disappointed.

Another thing that i didn't really like was that they had fewer dances, suites, that were just longer than usual. It took away from the variety of the show i guess.
The barre one tho... thumbs up.

Big up to Tovah-Marie Bembridge,Peta-Gay Pryce and all the other NDTC Dancers. Still a good job.